Beginners Guide to Triathlon Success

You have a goal to complete a triathlon, but you need some guidance. To ensure your triathlon experience is fun, Triathlon Training Solutions (TTS) has developed a Beginners Guide to Triathlon Success that includes:

  • Training and equipment required to complete a triathlon
  • Nutrition and hydration requirements, including what to eat and when before training and the race
  • A triathlon checklist that includes what to do in the lead up to the race and every aspect of race day to make sure you are well prepared
  • Race competition rules

Click here to purchase a copy of the guide for only $15.00** and take the guess work out of what is required to train for and finish a triathlon.

** The cost of the Beginners Guide to Triathlon Success will be refunded if you then decide to purchase a TTS training program.

Give TTS Triathlon a call on 0423 712 692, Facebook message or (E) if you have any questions.